The Registry

Pastor Lawrence Biola Akinyosoye
The Registrar and Secretary to the Governing Council

To ensure effectiveness and top performance, the coordination of the Seminary’s numerous departments and units falls within the purview of the Registry. The Registrar, who also serves as the Seminary’s Chief Administrator and legally the Secretary to the Governing Council, Senate, Congregation, and Convocation, is in charge of the Registry. The Provost receives daily updates from the Registrar regarding the operation of the Seminary. The Registry has changed over time from being a single-campus administration to a multi-campus administrative repository with a more robust organ and quite a few significant departments/units as a result of the increased complexity in the administration of the Seminary. While this development is largely a product of a thorough institutional framework, the idiosyncratic values of successive Registrars have also helped in shaping the Registry.

Since its founding, the Registry has recorded significant accomplishments, signaling its maturity. It is made up of component pieces with important duties that are well-structured and functional departments/units. These departments/units are led by seasoned administrators who answer to the Registrar of the Main Campus, Ile Ife, to ensure efficiency. The Registrar plays a crucial role in the coordination of all administrative staff members’ tasks at the Seminary. The Registry’s objective is to lead a group of highly driven, educated administrators who are gifted with integrity, honesty, and transparency as a member of a dynamic and resourceful management team.