Pastor Medaiyese Library

An academic library, along with its collection and user base, is like a living, evolving organism. It is widely acknowledged to be the lifeblood of any academic institution. The central library at the Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Main Campus, Ile Ife, is named after Pastor J.A. Medaiyese, one of the Christ Apostolic Church’s patriarchs. The Pastor Medaiyese Library’s collection includes both general literature for research at all levels and specialist texts and publications to enhance teaching and learning.

The Seminary Librarian, with some officers’ assistance, is in charge of running the library. Furthermore, the Medaiyese library provides teaching on how to use the library through its users’ education programme, orientation, and bibliographic instruction to give students the fundamental skills they need to find, access, and use information from both conventional and cutting-edge electronic sources.

Additionally, the Pastor Medaiyese Library features an electronic library, equipped with sets of computers and powered by solar energy for an uninterruptible power supply. The e-library donated by some friends of the Seminary from London who prefer anonymity gives users online access to hundreds of volumes of books. To assist users in their search for information, book loan services, inter-library collaborations, and fact-finding tools are also available.

The collections of books that can be found in Pastor Medaiyese Library are in the following categories:

  • Education: Christian Education, Psychology, Philosophy, and Ethics.
  • Theology: Old Testament, New Testament, Missions and Evangelism, Christ Apostolic Church Collection, and Islamic Studies.
  • Social Sciences: Accounting, Economics, Commerce, Social Studies, Government, and Civic Education.
  • Languages: Greek, Hebrew, English, Yoruba, and French.
  • Pure Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Sciences, and Mathematics.
  • Technology and Applied Sciences.
  • Fine Arts and Music.
  • Literature, Fiction, and Non-Fiction.
  • Management, Geography, History, Law, and Constitution.
  • Reference Books in Various Fields.

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