Governing Council

The Governing Council of the Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary is usually constituted by the Proprietor. It is the governing authority that has the custody, control, and disposition of all the properties and finances of the Seminary.The Governing Council manages and superintends generally the affairs of the Seminary to promote the interests, objects, and purpose of the Seminary.The proactive and positive contributions of the past and present Governing Council have brought CACTS to an enviable status amongst theological institutions in Nigeria and outside her shores.

The Governing Council of CACTS links its activities, in addition to those with management, to the social, cultural, and economic needs of its communities and the development of superb working relationships with all parties involved in the Seminary ecosystem, particularly the Academic, Non-teaching, and Resident Advisors. The Secretary to the Governing Council is the Seminary’s Registrar.

The Governing Council Chairman

Pastor Dr. Gabriel S. Dada is the Chairman of the Governing Council, Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Ile Ife.

He was the Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Oke Ado Districts’ Coordinating Council, Ibadan before he succeeded Pastor J.O. Ogunwuyi as the Regional Superintendent of CAC, Babalola Region (Oyo State).

Pastor Dada, ordained a Pastor in Christ Apostolic Church in 1993, hails from Erinmope Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. He attended Local Authority Primary School in his hometown, Erin Ile Secondary School (1973-1978), Ilorin Teachers College (1978-79), and graduated from United Missionary Theological College, Ilorin. He also attended Freelandia Bible Institute, Faith Theological Seminary, Tampa Florida for his Master’s, and Plymouth International Seminaryin 2006 for his Doctorate in Theology (Th.D).

He is married to Mrs. Rachael Toyin Dada and they are blessed with great and godly children to the glory of the Lord.

Members of the Governing Council

1.   Pastor Professor C.O. Oshun   Provost/Member
2.   Pastor Dr. M.O.A. Oluwaniyi   Deputy Provost/Member
3.   Pastor L.B. Akinyosoye   Registrar/Secretary
4.   Pastor Professor G.O. Folarin   Member
5.   Pastor Dr. T.A. Gbegudu   Member
6.   Pastor J.C.A Aladesofin   Member
7.   Dr. Mrs. L.B. Akande   Member
8.   Pastor S.O. Gbuyiro   Member
9.   Pastor S.G. Essien   Member
10.   Pastor Y.S. Onikola   Member
11.   Pastor U.T. Olufemi   Member
12.   Deaconess V.I. Adeyinka   Member
13.   Elder Dr. P. Okoro   Member
14.   Pastor C.S.G. Titiloye   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Ibadan Campus/Member
15.   Pastor Dr. T.A. Fashina   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Ilesa Campus/Member
16.   Pastor F.A. Olaniyi   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Lagos Campus/Member
17.   Pastor Dr. H.A. Ogunlowo   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Igolo Campus/Member
18.   Pastor Dr. G.O. Ehindero   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Abuja Campus/Member
19.   Evangelist Mrs. E.O. Kariola   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Ede Campus/Member
20.   Pastor G. Minari   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Irri Campus/Member
21.   Pastor M.O. Abe   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Kabba Campus/Member
22.   Pastor S.O. Braimah   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, P/Harcourt Campus/Member
23.   Pastor S. Anifowose   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Enugu Campus/Member
24.   Pastor P. Iliya   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Numan Campus/Member
25.   Pastor E.J. Akan   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Ekparakwa Campus/Member
26.   Pastor A.P. Mapis   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Bokkos Campus/Member
27.   Pastor I.O. Olomola   Coordinator, CACTS, Ile Ife, Kano Campus/Member