Conducts and Activities

Dressing and Appearance

There is a popular saying that the way one dresses is the way one is addressed. As a Christian community, the Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary (CACTS) holds in high esteem modest dress and godly appearance. This is in line with scriptural injunctions that the Christian dressing must be for beauty and glory. Students are expected to dress formally between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on Campus and decently at all times.

General Dress Code

  1. Every student shall desire decency in dressing and appearance that presents the image of a cultured and educated person; moderation in dressing is a general rule for every student.
  2. The Bible enjoins Christians to avoid grandiose and extravagant dressing. CACTS students should therefore focus more on internal and external adornment of purity and love beyond outward extravagant adornment.
  3. Dressing to the place of worship for both male and female students must be formal whether they wear native or European attires.
  4. Every Wednesday, students are expected to put on their white shirts and trousers (male) / skirts (female) with befitting neckties and shoes.
  5. Transparent dresses are greatly prohibited.
  6. Long (artificial or natural) nails are not allowed.
  7. No student shall go out bare-footed or bare-chested, without putting on decent clothes on Campus or beyond.
  8. No wearing of earrings, necklaces, anklets, beads, and wristbands.

Female Students’ Dress Code

  1. All female students are to dress immaculately and not “dress to kill.”
  2. Females are to wear clothes that will avoid nudity. No mini-skirts or jumpers. Skirts must be long enough to cover the knees while sitting or standing. If the skirt is slit, the slit must not go above the knees. Blouses must cover the breasts down to the abdomen. Blouses must have enough sleeves to cover the bra straps. No see-through (transparent) dresses.
  3. Tight-fitting dresses are not allowed outside halls of residences.
  4. Female students are not allowed to wear knicker burgers and trousers.
  5. No wearing of earrings, necklaces, anklets, beads, and wristbands.
  6. No use of make-up.
  7. No use of attachments and wigs.
  8. Pyjamas, camisoles, nightgowns, and bathroom slippers are not allowed outside the halls of residences.
  9. Abnormal, coloured, and long hairdos are not allowed.
  10. Native attires that conform to the above standards are allowed.
  11. In general, moderation shall be the watchword.

Male Students’ Dress Code

  1. Male students are required to dress preferably in a conventional suit, French suit, or minimally in trousers and tucked-in shirts with befittingneckties.
  2. Every male student must be corporately dressed by putting on a tie with covered shoes and socks.
  3. Jeans that are threadbare, crazy, or torn must not be worn. Pencil or carrot trousers are also prohibited.
  4. Male students are to shave and not keep beards.They are to keep their hair low and desist from any hairstyle that depicts worldliness.
  5. The school equally frowns at parading the campus in boxers, shorts, or knickers that do not fall below the knees.
  6. Bathroom slippers must not be worn outside halls of residences.
  7. Use of any form of female ornaments like earrings, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets is prohibited.
  8. Trousers should be properly worn. It should not be placed on the buttocks (i.e. sagging). The length of trousers must reach the ankles or rest on footwear.
  9. Native attires that conform to the above standards are allowed.
  10. In general, moderation shall be the watchword.

Club/Societal Activities

Every student should be identified with any of the Clubs/Societies that are in the College. They are Media and Press, Evangelism, Drama, Prayer Champion, Choir, Protocol, Technical, Interpretation, Ornament of Beauty (Decoration), etc.

Relationship with Opposite Sex

As a heterogeneous institution, friendly and godly relationship among all is encouraged. However, clandestine meetings or loitering in the dark is prohibited. No sexual advances or marriage proposals during studentship. Opposite sex should not be seen together beyond 7.00 p.m. on campus or outside of it. By extension, homosexuality, lesbianism, and bestialism are grossly frowned upon.

Sporting Activities

Students are required to be present and participate in sporting activities during the time allotted for such.