Postgraduate Admissions Now Open

The Postgraduate School of Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Ile Ife, is delighted to extend an invitation to embark on a transformative academic journey to all prospective candidates. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your theological understanding, enhance your spiritual insight, and expand your ministerial skills in an environment dedicated to academic excellence and spiritual growth.

At Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, we offer an array of specialised postgraduate programmes through a modular system designed to cater to your specific interests and calling. We offer Postgraduate Diploma in Theology (PGD.Th) and Master of Theology (M.Th). Our esteemed areas of specialisation include:


  1. Christian Theology: Delve into the profound depths of Christian doctrines, exploring the foundational truths of the Christian faith and their contemporary applications.
  2. Christian Ethics: Engage with moral theology, examining the ethical teachings of the Bible and their relevance in addressing modern societal issues.
  3. Missions & Evangelism: Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies necessary to effectively spread the gospel and nurture faith communities globally.
  4. Bible Translation: Contribute to the vital work of making the Scriptures accessible to all people by mastering the intricacies of translating the Bible into various languages.
  5. Church History: Investigate the rich tapestry of the church’s past, understanding its development, struggles, and triumphs through the ages.
  6. Biblical Studies: Immerse yourself in comprehensive studies of the Scriptures, gaining insights into their historical context, literary forms, and theological significance. This comes with Old Testament and New Testament options.

Our seminary is renowned for its distinguished faculty, a supportive learning environment, and a vibrant community of scholars committed to pursuing truth and fostering spiritual maturity. By joining our postgraduate programme, you will be part of a legacy of leaders who have made significant contributions to the church and society.

We invite you to seize this opportunity to enrich your mind, deepen your faith, and prepare yourself for impactful service in God’s vineyard. The journey ahead promises to be intellectually stimulating, spiritually fulfilling, and professionally rewarding.

To begin your application, please visit our admission portal, or contact any of these numbers: 08067615327 or 08038344851.

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